How to Teach And Help My Child Read Better And Faster

Teaching kids to read can be a rewarding process, but it can also be an incredibly tedious and sometimes frustrating one. You may have even spent a few nights on Google and Mom Facebook groups searching “How to Help My Child Read.” Don’t worry. We’ve gone ahead and taken some of the best advice, tips, and tricks to make it easy to help your kids read better, faster, and longer.

How to Help My Child Read Better And Develop Reading Skills

The first way to help your child read better is probably one of the simplest: read to them more. The more you read with your child, the more you foster their understanding and love for reading. Having a dedicated part of the day, like right before bedtime, to read for 30 minutes to an hour can make difference in your child’s reading skills.

How to Help Child Read

As you read to them, run your finger under the words so they can start to identify how words sound and what they look like. As your child develops more confidence and understanding with reading, ask them to read familiar words. Pick out a book you have read to them a few times and ask them to help you read. Amazon has thousands of books for children all ages. As they learn to identify words in this way, they will start to read better.

Mom Help Child ReadAnother good way to help your child read is by integrating reading into their daily lives. Point out street signs, billboards, signs in stores and read them. Soon, they will start to recognize the words. By integrating reading into their daily lives, you are helping them develop their vocabulary and getting them more comfortable with all of the words around them.

It is also important to not ignore the building blocks of reading. By making sure your child knows basics like what each letter looks like and the sound it makes, you can help them be less afraid of words they don’t know. When they start to recognize letters and know what sounds those letters make, they will feel more comfortable sounding out new words.

Benefits of Early Reading Skills

The younger kids start to read, the better. In the first six years of their lives, children learn the fastest and retain the newest information. By learning how to help your child read at a young age, you are setting them up for a stronger academic future. Additionally, when a child learns to read at a young age, they fall in love with learning faster. This tends to lead to a better academic career, higher grades, and better performance on standardized tests.

For parents who want to set their child up for the most academic successes, teaching them to read at a young age is vitally important. Take the time to develop their skills and love of reading and they will be sure to thank you for it later.

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