A Balanced Approach on How to Increase Metabolism to Lose Weight

You might find it difficult to lose weight and even feel doomed to slow metabolism. Sadly metabolism naturally slows with age and many people think little can be done about it. This is not necessarily the case. Maybe you just need a little assistance figuring out how to increase your metabolism to lose weight. A number of things contribute to weight loss and increased metabolism. The key is finding the right combination.

The Benefits of Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea naturally contain caffeine which acts as a stimulant for the nervous system. It speeds up breathing and the heart rate which are energy burning processes, thus speeding up metabolism. Research has shown that drinking a cup of coffee or tea daily gives a boost between 5 and 12% in the metabolic rate. It might be a small increment but definitely one of the easy ways to boost metabolism.

3 Week Diet

Eating -the Right Time and the Right Type

Breakfast bowlBroken diets are a common failure for a lot of people trying to lose weight. Eating at the right time and the right type of food however is an important key to increasing metabolism to lose weight.

Never skip breakfast as this gives your metabolism a boost and supplies you with energy to take on the day. Foods to help you lose weight like oatmeal, which is fibre rich, eggs and yoghurt, full of protein and nuts, which contain healthy fats are a few ideal breakfast options. These will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Calorie Intake

It is easy to think that cutting portion size is the fastest way to speed up metabolism and lose weight but the converse is true. If your calorie intake is too low, it can actually force the body into starvation mode and dramatically slow down your metabolism. It is important to be balanced when trying to figure out how to increase metabolism to lose weight. Avoid eating too little so that you become hungry as this may cause you to binge eat.

The Role of Water

It is best to have your water cold if you want to increase your metabolism to lose weight. Your body actually has to expend energy to bring the water to your core temperature. This increases your metabolic rate without you even lifting a finger. It is best to have 6-8 glasses per day.

Exercises to Boost Metabolism

Exercise has to be at the top of the list when it comes to finding an effective way to increase metabolism to lose weight. The most effective exercise to boost your metabolism is High intensity interval training (HIIT). This is a combination of going at a steady pace for a few minutes then going at an amped up pace for another few minutes and alternating between the two. HIIT can be applied to walking, running or even riding an exercise bike. Targeted strength training is also another effective way to increase metabolism and lose weight.

Balance all your bases well and you will have positive results.

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