Your 8 Week Bikini Body Diet Plan to Get You on the Beach

With summer around the corner, many of you may have started to wonder about how to get a bikini body — fast. If this is the case, rest easy: we’ve got the 8 week bikini body diet plan for you.

This 8 week bikini diet plan involves a lot of protein and six small meals a day (200-350 calories each) to keep your metabolism up. On this diet, you will be eating very little carbs.

Diet PlanThe fantastic thing about the diet plan is that it will keep you feeling full as you’ve never eaten so much protein in your life despite the fact that your caloric intake will be less than 1900 calories.

As for exercise, we recommend that you move A LOT. Try a bikini body workout at home: You should engage in a lot of other workouts on top of your daily exercising plan: try lifting for about an hour, followed by 15-20 minutes of intense cardio six days a week. You should also get some training equipments for home workouts.

Follow this example 8 Week bikini body diet plan

If you’re wondering how to get a bikini body fast, eat these small six meals every day:

Bikini BodyMeal 1
An egg white omelet (½ cup liquid egg whites) with 1 cup of broccoli

Meal 2
One small can of tuna with two cups of broccoli

Meal 3
9 ounce boneless skinless steamed chicken breast and one cup of steamed green beans + rice

Meal 4
One and a half scoops of vanilla whey protein mixed with water

Meal 5
9 ounce boneless skinless steamed chicken breast, two cups of romain lettuce, and one tomato + rice

Meal 6
One and a half scoops vanilla whey protein mixed with water

Try to place your carbs before and after exercise. In this example, have your workout between meals 3 – 5.

For condiments, we suggest soy sauce and Tabasco, and for dressings you can choose balsamic vinegar or very light vinaigrettes.

Remember to drink tons of water on the bikini body diet.

Do this every day for 8 weeks. However, each Sunday, carb load to fuel up to boost your metabolism, so have sweet potatoes, black beans, oatmeal and rice.

You can substitute chicken breast for white fish like cod, and feel free to sub any of the vegetables with other leafy greens.

What are you waiting for? Try the 8 week bikini diet plan and diet and exercise your way to a fantastic beach body.

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