Using Home Remedies to Permanently Cure Diabetes while Eating Well

More people are realizing that natural remedies have a better effect on the body’s performance than conventional medical treatments. There are many natural diabetes treatment options which people have been using to manage the disease, and increase their quality of life. In fact you would be surprised to know that there are home remedies to permanently cure Diabetes, since most doctors tend to emphasize management rather than reversal.

We will be exploring how to use home remedies to permanently cure Diabetes and supplementing these cures with a proper diet.

Who is at Risk for Diabetes?

According to the CDC, 29 million people in the United States are living with diabetes, and the disease more commonly affects Non-Hispanic black, Hispanic, and American Indian/Alaska Native adults, two times as much as it does non-Hispanic white adults so there is a direct link to diabetes and your ethnic background.

Diabetes Breakthrough

Having a family history of diabetes, being overweight, having unhealthy eating practices, and not getting much physical activity in on a regular basis increases your risk for Diabetes. It further increases as you age and if you have high blood pressure.

These risk groups could benefit from home remedies to permanently cure Diabetes and help them live normal lives.

Home Remedies that Work

  1. Flax seeds are rich in fibre and help to reduce blood glucose levels after eating, by 28%! Have up to 2 tablespoons ground flax seed per day.
  2. Use 1-6g of Ceylon Cinnamon per day. In practice, this has helped to cure pre-diabetics. Half to one teaspoon daily in water is sufficient, as well as sprinkling it on salads or cooking with it on other dishes.
  3. A combination of 1 teaspoon each of aloe vera gel, turmeric and bay leaf powders can be had daily to lower blood sugar levels.
  4. Use 1 tablespoon Neem leaf juice or chew about a dozen Neem leaves each morning to reduce high blood glucose.

What to Cut out of a Diet for a Diabetic Patient

Diabetes foodWhen using home remedies to cure Diabetes, you must maintain a healthy and balanced diet giving special consideration to lowering the sugar intake. Cut foods out of your diet which will cause your blood glucose levels to increase. These include:

  • Refined sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Grains such as wheat
  • Cow’s milk
  • Genetically modified corn, soybean and canola
  • Hydrogenated oils

You might wonder, ‘If I remove all of these things then what’s left for me to eat?’ There are many options left for you as you embark on your type 2 Diabetes treatment.

How to Treat Type 2 Diabetes with Food

  • While you will be curing the disease, you’ll still be left with the risk factors. The following ways to treat Diabetes will help you to get rid of it and become healthy once again.
  • Have up to 30 grams of daily fibre from nuts, seeds, vegetables, avocado and berries
  • Use red palm oil or coconut oil

Broccoli, beef from pasture-grazed cows, raw cheese, and green beans contain chromium which help to balance blood glucose. You may also use chromium supplements to help with your nutritional intake.

Supplement your diet with fat burning and muscle building exercises for best results.

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